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The 10 Biggest Mistakes You're Making in Dating

The busiest online dating day of the new year is January 7th, 2018, and this webinar will make SURE that you're locked and loaded to find love.  Peak Dating Season continues through February, and online dating memberships spike almost 50%

Buy this recording of this amazing webinar to learn about the biggest mistakes we make in the dating world, and how to fix them (scroll down to purchase)!  You can find happy love by getting your mindset, plan, and profile in tip-top shape.

Join Bela Gandhi, America's Favorite Dating Expert for a 90-minute live stream webinar telling you all of the biggest mistakes we make it dating, and how to rectify them.  EVERYTHING you want to know about dating. After the one hour presentation, you will hear Bela answering your most burning questions (and you can email her a question after viewing the recording).  

"Bela is the best presenter I've heard. Her psychotic optimism is infectious, and I left the webinar ready to charge back into the dating world, in a totally new and inspired way." - Tonia

"This webinar has more information that I could imagine. Blew me away, and I want to hear it again and again." - Ryan 

Want to find love in today's complex dating world? 

We know exactly how to help you!  This webinar is designed to teach you the biggest mistakes you're making in dating, and how to fix them including:

  • The only mindset that works
  • The online profile—what you need to know
  • The BEST photos to have, and what to NEVER have
  • How to write great messages that get responses!  
  • When to have sex
  • How important is chemistry?
  • What red flags most often lead to heartbreak and disappointment?
  • Q & A – Your most pressing questions